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How to Apply

U.S. Consulate Casablanca – New Visa Appointment Scheduling System

Frequently Asked Questions

(Notice to F and J applicants: You should pay the SEVIS fee at least one week before your scheduled appointment. Otherwise there may be a delay in processing your application.)

How is the new process different?

Under the existing process, an applicant fills out the online DS-160 application and schedules an interview.  The fee is paid at BMCI bank branches.  Then after the interview, the applicant picks up documents at the Consulate.

The new process offers a call center with extended hours to help you with the visa process and two locations outside the consulate (Casablanca and Rabat) to pick up your visa.  Call center agents can assist you in English, French, or Arabic.

How do I contact the Call Center?

Call center agents are available 7 days a week from 07:00 to 1900, Moroccan time, and can be reached at the following telephone numbers:

Calling from Morocco (toll free): 0892-09-9999

Calling from within the U.S.: 1 703 520 2245

Note that the center is closed during U.S. and Moroccan holidays observed by the Consulate. 

What is the new process?

Under the new process, an applicant can fill out the application and make an appointment online at http://www.   To begin the appointment process, you should go to this website and select ‘Morocco’ as the country/location where you will be applying for a visa.  There will be specific instructions on this web page to guide you through the process, of which there are four general steps:


  1. Fill out the DS-160 visa application (no change);
  2. Print a personalized payment slip and pay the visa fee at a listed branch of BMCI; 
  3. Make your appointment on-line and select a visa pick-up location;
  4. Approved visas are picked up at an Aramex location in Rabat or Casablanca.


All the information for making an appointment can be found  Should you have any questions about the process or encounter difficulties, please contact the Call Center.

Will the new process affect the wait time to get an appointment or print a visa?

No.  The wait time fluctuates based on visa demand, which tends to be seasonal.   If the visa is approved, it will generally ready for pick-up at an Aramex location in three business days. 

How will I get my passport back/Where are the Aramex locations?

Under the new system, applicants can pick up their passports at no additional cost from one of the below Aramex locations in Casablanca or Rabat.  You will NOT return to the Consulate to pick up your passport.

Aramex locations:

Casablanca:             193, Bd de le Résistance

Rabat:                       38, Rue Oukaimden, Agdal

How will the change affect people who are already scheduled?


All applicants who have already made an appointment and paid the visa fee before August 19 are not affected by the change.  Attend your interview at the consulate with the required documents.   


However, if you have an appointment under the old system but have not yet paid the visa fee, you must print a personalized payment slip   Take this payment slip to any listed branch of BMCI to pay the visa fee.   After paying the fee, the bank will issue a receipt.  Bring the bank receipt to your interview. 

How does payment work? 

Applicants must use the  site to access their online account in order to print a payment slip.  An applicant can take the payment slip to any branch of BMCI bank branch to pay the corresponding visa fee.  

What if someone does not have online access?

The existing process requires all applicants to complete the visa application, the DS-160, online.  That requirement is not changing.  

Is this website secure?

Yes.  The applicant's personal information and transactions on this website are secured with a Web server certificate through Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption.

Can an applicant access the Website more than once using the same login information?

Login information will allow the applicant to access the Website and schedule/reschedule if needed.  Under the new system, users can only reschedule twice and must do so prior to the reschedule/cancel deadline contained in the confirmation email.

The confirmation e-mail the applicant received has strange characters.   Why?

Please note that when using certain e-mail clients, for example Hotmail and Yahoo, the e-mail formatting may not appear as intended.  The applicant's information has been stored correctly and the strange characters do not indicate any errors in the applicant's data.

Why are the internet pages loading so slowly?

The applicant's personal information and transactions on this website are secured with a Web server certificate through Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption.  SSL secured sites are generally slower than similar sites without encryption.

The applicant could not find an available appointment in time for the intended trip.   What can the applicant do?

Log in again and if the applicant has not yet scheduled an appointment, please look at the calendar again.  Availability can often change, due to other applicants having canceled their appointments.  If the applicant now wishes to change a previously booked appointment, they must cancel their current appointment to view the calendar.  If the applicant feels the travel situation is an emergency, the applicant should refer to the Expedited Appointments  on for more information. 

Note: If the applicant requires a visa to travel to the United States, we recommend not purchasing non-refundable tickets until the visa has been issued.

What happens if the applicant loses a passport and obtains another one before the scheduled appointment date?

The applicant can attend the scheduled appointment and present the new passport.  If the applicant is not able to obtain a new passport before the scheduled appointment date, the applicant must cancel or reschedule the appointment.  An applicant will not be able to apply for a visa without a valid passport.  Please bring a copy of a police report if the passport was stolen.

How does an applicant reschedule or cancel an appointment?

After the applicant schedules an appointment, the confirmation screen and confirmation email will show a date and time by which any changes to the appointment (reschedule or cancellation) must be made.  To reschedule or cancel the appointment, the applicant may log in to the system using the passport number, date of birth and nationality prior to that date/time.  Once the applicant logs in, they may select cancel or reschedule from the options on the Applicant Summary page.

How many times can an applicant change the appointment date?

The applicant may change the appointment date twice.  A rescheduling of an appointment must be done prior to reschedule/cancel deadline in the confirmation email.

How do I add a family member to an already scheduled appointment?

If you want to add a family member(s) after you have scheduled an appointment, you will need to cancel your appointment first.  Please note, depending on the calendar availability, there is no guarantee that you will be able to schedule the same date and time as originally scheduled.

Please read the information available at or reach an agent at the call center.

What happens if the applicant cannot attend the interview on the appointment date? Can the applicant give the appointment to someone else to attend instead?

The appointment is non-transferable.  The applicant should reschedule or cancel appointments as soon as the applicant is aware of the conflict.  Only the person(s) scheduled will be allowed to enter and attend the appointment.  Another person cannot attend the applicant's appointment.

Other Important Information:

  • Applicants should arrive no earlier than 30 minutes before their appointment. Only the scheduled applicant will be allowed into the Consulate. Each applicant needs to have their fingerprints taken prior and/or during their interview.
  • Applicants age 18 and under must be accompanied by a parent to their interview.  Minors under the age of 14 do not need to appear, but a parent must appear for the interview.  No other relative may take the place of a parent unless that individual has legal guardianship of the minor.  

Nonimmigrant visa cases that do not require an appointment:

  • Holders of diplomatic and official passports who are traveling for tourism or studies or other non-official travel do not require an appointment. They can apply in person on Mondays and Wednesdays from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. (12 to 1 pm during the month of Ramadan)  Please visit (link to page about diplomatic/official passport holders) for more information.
  • The U.S. Consulate General now offers special appointment times for employees of American Chamber of Commerce member companies. If you would like more information about the BusinessExecutive Program, please contact the American Chamber of Commerce in Morocco (
  • The DS-160 must be completed before the interview for ALL visa and passport types.

For further information on Non-Immigrant Visa polices and procedures, please send an email to