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Death of an American Abroad
Last Updated, December, 2012

Consulate Information

United States Consulate General
8, Boulevard Moulay Youssef
Casablanca, Morocco 20000
Tel: 212-522-26-71-51
Fax: 212-522-29-77-01
After Hours Phone: 212-661-13-19-39

Consular Information Sheet, Public Announcement or Travel Warning
Register With the U.S. Embassy

Profile of Religions of the Host Country and Religious Services available to visitors.

Country Profile: Host Country Religions (From Background Notes)
Religious Activities For Visitors (From Post Reports On Line Intranet)

Funeral Directors, Mortician and Related Services Available in the Host Country

The Compagnie Marocaine des Pompes Funèbres is the only funeral home in Morocco that ships internationally.  They also handle local burials and have offices in all principal cities in Morocco.  The director is Mohamed Rami, 56 Mers Sultan Boulevard, Casablanca, Morocco.

Tel: 212-522-49-16-16 and 212-522-20-03-60
Residence: 212-522-25-21-20
Cell: 212-661-16-58-52

DISCLAIMER:  The U.S. Consulate in Casablanca, Morocco assumes no responsibility or liability for the professional ability or reputation of, or the quality of services provided by, the following person or firm.  Professional credentials and areas of expertise are provided directly by the funeral director, mortician and other service provider.

To obtain an official Report of Death, please provide the following information and documentation:

1. Original local death certificate in French issued by Moroccan authorities.

2. Original notification of death issued by hospital or doctor in French.

3. U.S. passport of the deceased.

4. Social security number of the deceased.

5. Primary residential address in the U.S. and/or country of residence for the deceased.

6. Full name, address and telephone number of next of kin. 

Profile of services available in the host country regarding preparation and shipment of remains:  The purpose of this section is to describe:

1. Maximum period before burial of remains:  Burial is required within 30 days after death, whether or not the remains are embalmed.

2. Embalming:  As known in the United States, embalming is rarely performed in Morocco.  Remains to be exported are normally given a minimum treatment that allows them to be shipped.  Proper embalming can be done only by making special arrangements with a Moroccan physician at a cost of approximately $900.

3. Cremation:  Local laws do not permit cremation.  The only exceptions granted are to the small Hindu community, who make private arrangements.

4. Caskets and containers:  Caskets that meet the requirements for shipment out of the country and U.S. quarantine regulations are available locally.

5. Exportation of human remains:  The following documents are required for exportation of remains:

a) A medical certificate of death;
b) A medical certificate attesting to non-contagious disease;
c) The passport of the deceased or other identification;
d) A mortuary certificate notarized by the Consulate General stating that the remains can be buried in the United States; and
e) A letter from the next-of-kin authorizing shipment.

6. Costs:  Charges are based on the exchange rate of April 30, 2011:  $1.00 = 8.50 (Moroccan dirhams):

The costs of local burial in the five major cities of Morocco:

a) Local Christian burial with a 30-year concession:
Casablanca    8,500-23,900 MAD (USD 1,000 - 2,811)
Rabat             9,321-25,200 MAD (USD 1,096 – 2,964)
Marrakech      8,900-24,900 MAD (USD 1,047 - 2,929)
Agadir            9,500-26,000 MAD (USD 1,117 - 3,058)
Tangier          10,000-28,320 MAD (USD 1,176 - 3,331)
Fez                 9,400-31,202 MAD (USD 1,105 – 3, 670)

b) Local burials with Moslem rites:
Local burial in accordance with Moslem rites in the six major cities can cost between $588 and $1765.

The above amounts include a 20% compulsory value-added tax.

The costs of preparation, container, and shipping of embalmed remains by air range as follows:

                            New York           Chicago              San Francisco
Agadir &               MAD 63,200.00  MAD 63,950.00  MAD 63,950.00
Marrakech            USD 7,435.00    USD 7,523.00     USD 7,523.00

Casablanca, Fez  MAD 58,200.00   MAD 58,950.00  MAD 58,950.00
Rabat & Tangier   USD 6,847.00     USD 6,935.00    USD 6,935.00

Important:  These amounts do not include costs for transportation between cities.  Transportation between cities will add an additional $0.93/mile equivalent to 5 MAD/km.  Amounts include 20% value-added tax.  The final amounts may vary depending on the total weight of the remains and container.

7. Exhumation and shipment:  Local regulations require two certified copies of the death certificate, the title to the burial plot, and an authorization for the burial from the local authorities in the state to which the remains are to be shipped.  If the remains have been buried here for less than three years, a medical certificate of non-contagious disease also is required.  The costs involved for disinterment and preparation for the exportation to the United States range from 14,000-20,000 MAD (USD 1,647 -2,352).