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The American Embassy in Morocco is composed of several offices and organizations all working at the direction of the Ambassador, who is the President's personal representative to the Kingdom of Morocco.

The international mailing address and street address for the Embassy is:

Embassy of the United States of America
2 Avenue de Mohamed El Fassi
Rabat, Morocco

Mail from the U.S. to the Embassy can be sent via DPO. The address is:

Unit 9400, Box 021
DPO AE 09718

Telephone: (212)(537)-76-22-65
Fax: (212)(537)-76-56-61
After-hours emergency telephone: (212)(537)-76-96-39

Casablanca telephone: (212) (522)-26-45-50

The Embassy's working hours are:
Monday - Friday    from 8:00 - 17:00.


This page is produced and maintained by the Public Affairs Section at the Embassy of the United States of America in Rabat Morocco.

We welcome your comments and suggestions.

2, Avenue de Mohamed El Fassi,
Rabat, Morocco

Tel: 212-37668286
Fax: 212-3766-8284
Web Site: